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Retail marketing is about developing a direct relationship with the consumer and the online experience is most powerful when it tells your brand story, is intuitive and tailored 1:1 to the individual. A growing issue among merchants is that the high growth digital consumers – the 18 to 35-year-olds – increasingly tune out your traditional forms of advertising and they are not consumers of print. Wishabi helps you reinvent your digital circular strategy to engaged shoppers online and reach the next generation of consumers.
The digital circular is a representation of your storefront, telling your brand story and tactically driving promotions and sales. Until now, the problem with digital circulars is that they haven’t worked well. Simply digitizing print into a “page flip” experience leaves consumers unimpressed and unmotivated to shop. That’s why Wishabi has reinvented the digital circular with a new approach to production, analytics and distribution.
Wishabi helps retailers master their digital circular advertising with next-generation technologies and targeted reach.

Our Company

Wishabi was born in 2007, led by a team of ex-Microsoft, Waterloo engineers. The team is backed by leading venture capitalists and retail executives whose mission is to reinvent the digital retail circular. Wishabi has created countless patent-pending technologies that seamlessly bring together the editorial richness of print, the interactivity of your store, and the real-time personalization of digital content. Best of all, Wishabi does it all, with no work or resources required from your team.

While connecting retailers, consumers and media partners, Wishabi's next-gen digital circular platform drives outstanding consumer engagement and unmatched digital circular distribution through MSN, Bing, and other media conglomerates. The insights we've gained serving over 700 merchant and media partners with reach to over 200 million North American’s helps us better serve and grow companies like yours each and every day.

Simply stated, Wishabi works every day to help companies just like yours achieve the best possible circular campaign results with a platform that incorporates the latest insights, the smartest technology, and the most targeted circular distribution systems on the planet.

Wishabi is headquartered in Toronto.
The Team - Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Wehuns Tan
Chief Executive Officer

Wehuns Tan is one of Wishabi's founders and serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer. Wehuns is focused on product strategy, strengthening and growing Wishabi's partnerships and enabling the Wishabi team.

Wehuns has over 10 year in the high tech sector and was previously at Microsoft in corporate business development working with fortune 500 companies. Wehuns graduated from the University of Waterloo's computer engineering program and has also held software development roles at Cisco, HP and Deloitte.

Wehuns loves to mountain bike, travel with his wife Louisa and is an avid wine collector.

David Meyers
Chief Technology Officer

David Meyers leads the design and development of Wishabi's scalable backend data intelligence architecture. Prior to founding Wishabi, David has over 9 years of experience in the technology sector holding engineering leadership positions at Hydro-One Telecom and Sun Microsystems where he designed and managed complex systems infrastructures. David holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from University of Waterloo's computer engineering program.

David is not only a technologist but also passionate about socio-economics and also loves to play competitive soccer and weight train.

David Au-Yeung
Chief Software Officer

David Au-Yeung Heads up Wishabi's application development and leads the charge for developing software that helps consumers shop online. David holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Prior to founding Wishabi, David had over 10 years of experience leading consulting teams at Infusion development and Numerix in the financial services sector.

David's three passions outside of Wishabi are Basketball, his Motorbike, and most importantly his wife Anna.

Matt Cheung
Chief of Product Development

Matthew Cheung heads up Wishabi's product development where he manages the execution of Wishabi's technical strategy. With over 10 years of industry experience, Matthew is one of Canada's top engineers having won first place nationally for his innovative designs in mobile heart attack detection. Prior to founding Wishabi, Matthew was at Microsoft where he led development and product engineering at Bing. Matthew graduated with distinction from University of Waterloo's computer engineering program.

Matt is an avid adventurer who enjoys mountaineering and plans on summiting Mt. Rainer soon with his wife Sheila.

Jeff Francis
VP, Strategic Development

Jeff Francis is the VP of strategic development and is responsible for driving Wishabi's business strategy forward utilizing leading edge technologies. In this role Jeff leads the development of high impact products for Wishabi's partners and also heads Wishabi's Business Intelligence practice. Prior to Wishabi, Jeff was the director of R&D at BlueSun where he developed advanced software for the financial services sector. Jeff holds a BASc degree in computer engineering and Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (MBET) from the University of Waterloo.

Jeff loves squash (the sport). He and his wife Dorothy are looking forward to spending time with their new baby.

Seth Stover
Managing Director of Partner Development

Seth leads Wishabi's business development efforts working with Wishabi's top retail partners. Seth brings more than 5 years of experience in business development, sales and marketing. An avid outdoorsman, Seth has travelled Canada more than any other Wishabi team member. Originally from Kincardine, Seth enjoys any sport, bench presses 275 pounds and loves spending time with his wife Renae.
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