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Module Spotlights

Editorial placements provide high visibility that drive traffic directly to your circular.

Editorial Placements

Your circular content will automatically be displayed inside content modules integrated throughout Wishabi’s media partner network.

Email Campaigns

Integrating circular content into media customer emails extends your reach and drives repeat traffic to your circular.


Flyertown is Wishabi’s owned and operated circular site that captures those consumers that actively seek out and frequently visit circular content from across their favorite retailers.
Consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than static banner ads.

Native Advertising

At Wishabi, we believe your circular belongs to the daily browsing routine of the consumer. That’s why Wishabi has created a native advertising platform that gives you the ability to reach consumers at scale. Our editorial team works with our media partners to secure exclusive placements to drive high intent consumers directly to your circular. Your consumers will see targeted variations of your circular content customized to their preferences and shopping behaviors within the websites they already visit each day. The result? An unparalleled shopping experience that consumers love.
64% of readers decide where to shop based on circular content.
The Next Generation of Circular Display Ads

The Cinematic Circular

As a retailer, you need the ability to push campaigns to your consumers but for most retailers’ effective execution and integration of your circular into display ads can be challenging. The cinematic circular display ad is Wishabi’s next generation technology that allows you to use the rich assets of your circular to build real time, personalized circulars to consumers in a format that resembles a movie trailer. Our technology automatically uses your price zones, geography and targeting rules you have combined with personalization data to create thousands of custom versions for truly targeted distribution. And with the help of our operations team, the cinematic circular will provide the fine-tuned controls to drive campaigns for your category managers and vendors.


PDF Circulars

Wishabi’s platform leverages your weekly circular content to create fluid motion picture ads, showcasing rich content.

Personalized Cinematic Circular Generation

Our technology automatically uses price zones, geography and targeting rules combined with personalization data to create thousands of ad variations.

Media Distribution

Via Wishabi’s premium media partner network – which includes MSN, Tribune, CBS, and AOL – you can now recreate the large scale distribution of print, online and reach today’s digitally-minded consumer.

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